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Post by Destiny's Gate on Thu Oct 28, 2010 6:34 pm

Some RPs require you to create your own characters. In these "original" role plays, you need to fill out a profile of your character. These profiles are usually given to you in the form of a Profile Skeleton located in the first post.

An example:

Character Name:
Race: (usually used to refer to whether they are a "human," "vampire," "elf," etc.)
Powers: (special abilities)
Short Bio:

Of course, this isn't the be all end all. Profile Skeletons can be changed as necessary. The things that are always needed are the picture at the top, the Name, the Username, and a short bio at the end. Everything else is optional, and other things can be added if needed.

Make sure to post the profile so the one in charge of the RP can add it to the Profile section.
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