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Post by Gold Chocobo on Mon Dec 20, 2010 9:59 pm

This isn't really a fanfiction, but a roleplay puppy and I did one time. It's kinda funny XD
PG-13 for suggestive themes and language.

The main character of the story was speaking. He was talking about how he was dead then, the entire movie was going to be a flashback of how he died. The boy looked a lot like Cloud, he had blue eyes and blonde hair. Cloud watched as the killer was following the main character, it made his blood flow faster.

The main character was a dead ringer for Cloud. It kinda freaked Zack out. Then when they saw the character being followed by the killer Zack's blood ran cold. ((Thoughts: That could be Cloud!))

Cloud watched as the main character was struck with a pipe. He fell and the killer grabbed him, taking him off to where ever. When the blood came from the boy's head Cloud took Zack's hand. It was scaring him a little.

Zack watched as the killer struck the Cloud look alike and he grabbed onto Cloud protectivly. ((Thoughts: This movie is going to be the death of me I swear!))

Cloud looked up at Zack for a minute then back at the t.v. Usually Cloud was the one to clutch Zack. Then, when the lookalike woke up the killer raped him. Stabbing him with each article of clothing removed. Then, he began to cut parts of the victims body off. Starting with the fingers...toes...and watched as he bled to death. Then, the killer was bathing in his blood, a evil smirk on his face as he did so. Cloud shuddered at the site of it.

Zack watched the horrific scene and practically jumped on top of Cloud. The rape part made him think of *NegaZack. Who hasn't bothered him lately that worried him even more. And when the killer was bathing in the Cloud look alikes blood he freaked out.

Cloud felt Zack squeezing him tightly, "Zack...too tight!" Cloud said, as he continued to watch the movie. In the end, the killer had kept every body part in different jars throughout the house, however, he had an obssession with the eyes. He would hold them crazied so often, and call the victims name. The killer was never caught. Then the movie finally ended, "Wow, I'm surprised on how good the movie was."

Zack wanted to scream and go lock every single door and window in the house. Which he did. He bolted from the bed and made damn sure everything was locked up tight before going back to Cloud and squeezing him some more. "Yeah that was awesome." He said shaking.

"N-no what are you talking about!? I'm perfectly fine. Why would some stupid movie scare me. As if." He said totally obvious he was scared. ((thoughts: I can't let him know I was scared I'm never scared why did that stupid movie scare me so much anyways! I usually just fall asleep during them!))

Cloud smiled a little to himself, "Oh. Well, whatever you say," He said laying down, "It's late, I want to go to bed. But first, I'm going to get something to drink." He said getting up and heading for the kitchen.

Zack jumped right up after him and followed him looking around every single corner making sure no one was going to pop out and randomly attack Cloud. He was being his parinoid self.

Cloud could easily tell that Zack was scared, he smiled to himself. After finishing his drink he went back to the room, laying down on the bed. He was lying on his side.

Zack did a double check of everything before finally going back to the bedroom with Cloud. He snuggled up almost on top of him and baraded his face with kisses before he backed off. After Cloud went to sleep, Zack stayed up the rest of the night.

*NegaZack- Evil side of Zack in Kristyn's and I's on going roleplay.

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