Mr. I'malwaysgonnabeslimnomatterwhatyousay and Mr.Needstoeatmoresohecangetfatter

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Mr. I'malwaysgonnabeslimnomatterwhatyousay and Mr.Needstoeatmoresohecangetfatter Empty Mr. I'malwaysgonnabeslimnomatterwhatyousay and Mr.Needstoeatmoresohecangetfatter

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Another moment in Kristyn and I's roleplay XD
PG-13 For Suggestive Themes

"That may be so," Cloud said, "But one of these days your just gonna get real fat," He said, laughing at the thought of Zack getting fat. He finally finished his food and got up.

Zack pouted he had finished his cake awhile ago. "I will never get fat!" He called after Cloud and walked after him.

"Not as long as I'm around," Cloud said but had sad thoughts in his head, because soon he would be gone, "Do you want to go outside then, Mr. I'malwaysgonnabeslimnomatterwhatyousay."

Zack chuckled at his newly dubbed nickname. "Yes I would Mr.Needstoeatmoresohecangetfatter."

"Well, alright then," Cloud walked outside in his pajamas barefoot, "Well Mr. I'malwaysgonnabeslimnomatterwhatyousay, what do you want to do?"

"Well Mr.Needstoeatmoresohecangetfatter, its not my birthday. So you get to pick what we do today!" He said going under a tree and sitting underneath it.

"I wanna DO something today," Cloud said, "I don't know what, give us something to do that's not sex." He said softly, wanting to do something special on his b-day.

Zack got a little sad he liked sex but, it was Cloud's birthday and it was up to him what they did. "Well what do YOU. wanna do?" He said ruffling his hair.

"I don't know what do YOU wanna do," Cloud replied, "Besides sex." He quickly added knowing that Zack would take that offer at any possible moment, "Just something....special."

Zack thought for a moment then got an idea, "Come on were going home." He said dragging him behind him. He also had to give Cloud his present that he hid away.

Cloud followed behind entwining his hand around Zack's. He smiled a little.

Zack smiled when Cloud entwinded his fingers with his. It was the little things that made him happy. He and Cloud had a long walk ahead of them.

"Hey Zack," Cloud said his eyes shining a little, "We're still going tomorrow, right?" He said sounding really excited.

"Yeah were going silly. Why wouldn't we?" He said cheerfully. He slowed his walking so that he was walking right beside Cloud now.

"I don't know," Cloud said with a smile, "Maybe you didn't wanna?" His eyes grew big with admiration, "I mean, you're going to be older then he rest of us."

Zack looked at him, "So are you calling me an old man?" Not taking it offensivly but, he wanted to see what Cloud would say.

"Huhh?" Cloud gave him a curious look before turning red "No! No! That's not what I meant! That's not what I meant! Eww! Now I have mental image of having sex with a skin sagging old man!" Cloud shouted shaking his head blushing.

Zack just laughed about it. "Haha you have a mental picture of me all old and wrinkley haha. It serves you right for calling me old." He said having fun with this.

Cloud just blushed, "Maybe I should leave you now so I don't have to deal with that later," He said with a smirk, "Just Kidding!" Cloud said giving him a hug, "I'll still have sex if you if you do get ugly and wrinkly."

Zack just laughed again, "You don't have to worry about me getting old or wrinkly anytime soon. I'll be looking like this forever!" He said bostfully.

Cloud rolled his eyes, "Fine Mr. I'malwaysgonnabeslimnomatterwhatyousay, whatever you think, whatever you want to think." He said, "Just don't get fat or wrinkly until after the prom."

Zack looked at him, "I'm so sure you don't believe me! Mr.Needstoeatmoresohecangetfatter! I'm not going to get fat or old! Never ever ever!" He said sounding like he was two.

"Well, if you stay the same forever and ever and ever, that's fine with me. But if you DO change, that's fine too. But I'm going to rub the fact that you DID change in your face." Cloud said childishly, resting his head on Zack's shoulder, "But whatever you don't leave me, even if I change."

Zack blushed slightly when Cloud said that. He leaned over and gave him a light kiss on the lips. "I would never think about leaving you." He said stroking his hair.

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