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Post by Destiny's Gate on Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:29 pm

Who Can Start an RP?
Anyone! Just go to the section you would like to create an RP for and post it! It'll be up to you to manage the RP, but if you ever need help, just ask one of the mods!

Just make sure to read the Starting a Role Play thread before attempting your first RP Creation. It will save many headaches in the long run.

What if the anime or video game I want to make an RP for isn't listed?
No problem! Just go to the Suggestion Box and post the title of the anime or video game under "RP Subforums." Or click this helpful link! Just remember that I'm not online 24/7 (though it might seem that way sometimes), so it might take me a few days to add your suggestion. I will post in the RP Subforums thread when I add the category.

There were a bunch of discussion posts, but now they're gone. Where'd they go?
To keep things neat, the mods and I will typically delete discussion posts that have served their purpose or that are pages old. Since at least one mod is typically involved in all RPs, we usually know when either is the case. If you would like a more permanent discussion post, there is a section under Discussions for RPs. Post a topic and discuss there. These topics will be locked and put into storage once the RP is finished.

Is it a crossover if there are OCs in an anime RP?
Nope. If an RP only involves one anime or video game, it's not a crossover. Including OCs does not count as a crossover. Of course, it is possible to have crossovers with OCs.

What's an Original RP?
Original RPs are RPs that only involve only original characters and storylines.

Can I RP Script-style?
Typically RPs on this site are "Paragraph-style," which is written like a book with proper grammar and dialogue and description. This is not mandatory, however. If you feel like doing an RP "script-style," go right on ahead. Ask the creator of the RP first, though. If you are the creator, go nuts.

What if an RP has finished or stopped because no one's posted in it?
When an RP finishes or seems to have "died," the mods lock them to prevent spam. If it's your RP and you feel it would be possible to resurrect the RP or that it has been locked by mistake, just PM one of the mods or me. We can unlock it for you and it will be open for business once more.

Can I make a Version 2.0 of the RP?
If it's your own RP, go right on ahead. Smile If it's not yours to begin with, PM the person who created the original asking permission. They themselves might like to start a 2.0. If the person doesn't reply or has been inactive for a long period of time, PM one of the mods and we'll make a judgement.

Also, for a helpful guide that might answer any questions I haven't, click here.
(note that not everything in this linked guide is relevant for us, but it's very helpful and informative.)

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