Tuzki has come to the Rabbit Hole!

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Tuzki has come to the Rabbit Hole!

Post by Destiny's Gate on Wed Apr 25, 2012 5:43 pm

For those unfamiliar with the little rabbit, here are our new Tuzki smilies!

Arm Flap Sobbing Dancing Dancing2 Pinwheel Possessed Grooving Really...? Head-Wall Munching Shrug Gettin Jiggy With It Murder Shocked Struggling Big Sigh Jamming Overwhelmed Wave your hands in t Super FTW Bed Time In Love No way Buddies Shake I\'m awake! Snoozing Happy Birthday SMOOCH Head Desk Boot To The Head Escape Drama Queen Dark Cloud Overhead Poking Snickering Table Throw Locked Up Going Insane Huh? Skipping Twirling Hamma 1 Hamma 2 Hamma 3 Hamma 4 Hamma 5 Love me? Love me not Gifting



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