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Massive Theft Empty Massive Theft

Post by Kenaron1703 on Fri Dec 21, 2012 7:13 pm

In the TV, all the news are talking about this right now, and it's a huge deal.
There is no english translation for this, so I'll explain it myself:
Around the 2:00 pm there was a huge theft at Bariloche (one of the provinces of my country) at a super-market that involved over 100 people of the place and after that, a second theft in the same province, but in zone.
Here, the government does not allow cops to bring firearms, so the people ran with the stuff they gathered 'till the moment the cops arrived.
There are 20 cops and 15 civilians wounded and 1 dead person (that I know)
The people that was ransacking the supermarkets where people between the 15 and the 40 years of age.
This is a disgrace, and talks bad about the people of my country... Sobbing

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