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Post by Gold Chocobo on Fri Apr 26, 2013 5:15 pm

Group role-playing has been a long roller-coaster. There have been high points and low points, smooth and rough portions of the ride, which have shaped my role-playing. As a role-player, I’ve grown immensely since my first attempt at role-playing. I witnessed the rise and fall of amazing role-plays, truly enjoying the experience.

As time went on, I craved more role-playing, and have done one-on-one role-plays outside of the forum, further developing my abilities. With this addition of role-playing to my life, I have realized I have developed a new preference: small groups of three, or one-on-one role-plays. Always a fan of character development, I find smaller groups allow for a greater focus on characters. This focus, allowing for no left out characters, is appealing to me more than large group role-plays.

Throughout high school, and upon entering college life, my interests have changed. I have shifted from anime/manga to original ideas and from writing to art. Rarely do I watch an anime, and I have sold most of my anime-related material. My change in interest is even evident in my art, as I am drifting away from the anime style. I prefer strictly original role-plays, as the character you take the persona of only consists of a personality the user has created. Taking the persona of a character owned by another limits the user to a pre-set chart of character traits, limiting creativity of a person.

As an artist, I have grown more conscious of the format in which the role-play takes place. The text does not bother me, but seeing the artwork used as character references is bothersome. Many of these images were googled, and used without the artist’s permission. Artists constantly struggle with permission issues, and I directly relate to them. Although the artwork is used in a harmless way, I have become greatly conscious of the artists behind the work.

In addition, I have noticed a great lack of compromise. Many role-players have fantastic ideas, but when it comes to playing them out, argument ensues. Many people butt heads, and instead of compromise, assert more power in their opinion. Although I openly support varied opinions, the degree at which the ideas differ causes the role-play to progress slower, and it barely staggers on. This discourages role-players from participating, which causes them to fade out.

Moreover, I have felt the pressures of those holding a grudge against me for not joining a role-play. Although I can understand disappointment and irritation for a role-play not possessing enough users, spite should not be the answer to such events. This tension not only discourages members, but causes a heavy atmosphere over the forum.

Group role-playing is still a great concept, based on the preferences of a person. This forum runs and is driven on creativity, allowing it to be a great outlook for those in search of an entertaining role-play that is the effort of a collaboration. This role-playing site is not a negative one, it simply is not one that reflects my interests.

With that being said, I, <b>Gold Chocobo</b>, give up my position as a moderator. With what I’m searching for, this website is not my match. As for all the role-plays I am involved in, please remove my characters and interaction sfrom them. I am unable to deactivate my account, but this account is now dead. I bid good-bye to the website, and everyone on the forum.

-Gold Chocobo

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Post by Destiny's Gate on Sat Apr 27, 2013 8:08 am

I'm sorry to hear your leaving. Sad It's been fun. We'll miss you.

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