Yuuta and Temari Friendship Fic

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Yuuta and Temari Friendship Fic Empty Yuuta and Temari Friendship Fic

Post by Gold Chocobo on Thu Jul 14, 2011 8:49 pm

When the shot was fired, Temari hadn't paid any mind to it at first. She didn't think it was a big deal. It happened all the time where Yuuta lived. Then Yuuta would laugh and say something like, "Good thing it wasn't at us." But, his usual line didn't come chiming in. She looked over, rather shocked that he hadn't, when it finally had hit her. The scene finally registered in her head. Yuuta was on the ground, holding his chest, wearing a look of pain. Her eyes widened as she saw his hands over his chest, where blood was seeping through. She had never felt so terrified or helpless in her life. She rushed to Yuuta's side, and was able to prevent him from crashing into the pavement,

"Yuu-Chan, Yuu-Chan are you okay!?" She asked, showing a huge concern. His head slowly rose up, a little bit of blood escaping his mouth. But those lips...were formed into a smile,

"You shouldn't worry about me. Get the hell out of here you idiot, you can't take on a guy with a gun." Yuuta responded, he didn't want to get Temari hurt. Temari was his best friend, and she saved him from his loneliness. He then quickly lost his consciousness. Temari could tell that he was badly injured, which wasn't good. She didn't have a cell phone to call an ambulance. She would have to wait for someone else to call. She looked at the guy that had shot down Yuuta. He was with a group of thugs. She glanced back at Yuuta, then back at the thugs. Her thoughts began to swirl. Who am I really? A spazzy werid girl who does the craziest things? No...that's who I make myself out to be. Really, I'm this scared...timid little girl...who lives in the shadow of her brother. All I ever wanted...was to seen as Temari, and not Maycen's little sister. No. I'm done being alone. I need to save him. He's my best friend. What have I been doing this whole time? Nothing. I can stand up for myself...now I need to stand up for my friends, just like he's done for me so many times. She thought. She looked at them, her fists curled,

"You messed with the wrong person. No one, no one DARES to raise a gun at him," She said, looking up with dark eyes, "whoever does, will answer to me!" She suddenly had a different aura about her, one that showed power. One that she would use against her enemy.

It only took mere seconds, before her enemy was defeated. Her main focus was Yuuta. She turned to look back, to see him getting loaded into an ambulance. She followed after, and was soon in the seat, looking at him with an unreadible expression. She was glad though, because Yuuta was finally conscious.

"Hey there Maron, miss me? A bullet won't kill me," Yuuta said playfully, because he never took most situations seriously. In return, it earned him a sock to the face, "ahh! M-maron, what was that for?"

Temari started to shake like a leaf, something she had never done in front of Yuuta before,

"You dumbass!" She shouted, and she started sobbing. Yuuta was shocked, and wasn't sure what to say. So he just pulled her close, and listened.

"I was so scared. I thought I might have lost you. You don't understand Yuuta! I would fall apart without you! B-because...you're not like my older brother, you don't try to be better then me. You're my best friend and you're just there. Next time don't act like it's nothing and just pass out! I was so scared..."

Yuuta had never seen this side of Temari, but it taught him something. Temari's shell was thick, but it wasn't hard to crack.

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Yuuta and Temari Friendship Fic Empty Re: Yuuta and Temari Friendship Fic

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